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PostPosted: 16 Jul 2009 
А может смените мне статус?..
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Name: Сергей
RIOT - Ultimate Compilation 1981-1996

Size: 3.68GB

"My Father's Place" Roslyn, N.Y. 09/15/1981 - Guy Speranza - Vocals

This is a fantastic pro-shot copy of this very classic performance.

The video has great picture and sound quality but it has a watermark

on the screen that always reads Copyright 1981 For Preview Ony. There

is a minor 1 second drop out during "Don't Hold Back" and the audio gets

low for about a minute around 45 minutes into the concert. Guy was and

always will be the best RIOT singer!!! 00:59:01

"Music Tomato Rock Show" Interviews & "BloodStreets" Promo

Tony Moore - Vocals This was filmed for Japanesse tv and has Japanesse

subtitles. This features Interviews in a recording studio with the band

and also has the "BloodStreets" Promo. My dad said this is from the 1992

era of RIOT! 00:20:39

"Rhett Promos" Restless Breed & Born In America Rhett Forrester - Vocals

1982-1984 00:09:39

"Bangup Rock" Interviews, Studio Rehearsal Footage & "BloodStreets" Promo

Mike Dimeo - Vocals This was filmed for Japanesse tv and has Japanesse

subtitles. This features Interviews in a recording studio with the band,

has the band jamming in the studio and also has the "BloodStreets" Promo.

Even though the "BloodStreets" promo is played, Mike Dimeo is in the band

at this time and Tony Moore is gone because Mike Dimeo is there in the

studio. I think this is from 1996! 00:16:15







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PostPosted: 16 Jul 2009 
хард н хэвщик (support team)
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Пожалуй скачаю, спасибо :true:

PostPosted: 17 Jul 2009 
Почётный металлург
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:thanx: :thanx:

Коль будешь людей ты ослами честить,
тебе человеком меж них не прослыть!
(Саади, персидский поэт, 13в.)

PostPosted: 17 Jul 2009 
Хиппей (support team)
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Спасибо :true:


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PostPosted: 18 Jul 2009 
Персональный статус
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спасибо за видео этой группы, действительно редко и интересно

Riding high on the black wings of death
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