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PostPosted: 07 Apr 2009 
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Social Outcast - 1994 - Under The Clutch

1. Nothing
2. Under The Clutch
3. Rise Above
4. Your Pain
5. Searching
6. Blindside
7. Hyde
8. Break On Through

Power metal

PostPosted: 16 Feb 2018 
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Статья в газете - https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/90858771/

Можно поискать вокалиста. Возможно он играет в группе Legendary Huckle Bucks

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PostPosted: 17 Feb 2018 
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Грех не скопировать инфу :thanx:

Page 95 article text (OCR)
AUGUST 15, 2001 B SOUTH B S-11. n mm f 7f T,T-eo9rffi mon va IQ iUJ Duquesne Discounts planned for new homes on Kahler Street By Jonathan Barnes ByJ.E. Rosenfeld I ocial Outcast isn't new to the local music scene. Its members aren't 20-somethings practicing cover songs in their parents' garages. They've ' been part of a thriving underground scene for 13 jesidents of Duquesne's Kahler Street ' could have some new neighbors as soon I as next year. West-to-West Coalition plans Lto add 15 single-family detached homes years, as long as they've been a band. That is no small feat in Pittsburgh, where groups disband and re-form on a daily basis as quickly as musical fads come and go. Starting in 1987 and never looking back, frontman Ted "Bundy" Boyko and bassist Andy Gorscak are the only original "founding fathers" left. Drummer Brian Gault joined in 1989 and guitarist Kurt Fleckenstein, affectionately and loudfy referred to as "Jorge," in 1997. It has been a long strange trip for the members of Social Outcast All except Fleckenstein, still in his mid-. 20s, are in their earty 30s. Everyone has a day job, significant others, houses, cars, bills. But they just can't give up what they love playing music together. These four boys from Greenock, Duquesne and Dravosburg are winning, and they're doing it their If Mj ftA Kat.,..::,;;:.J.. T- MS , , .: mmm ... L. r.A ,; -..Sltyf mit 'rrSfm " 4 ' 1 -1'?' fiM"" way. Regardless of what they say, their tenacity and taient sets tnem apart and toranes their resolve. "We're too stupid to quit," Boyko quipped "We'll quit when it isnt fun anymore," said Gorscak. And they don't show any signs of quitting. When not busy playing out or practicing, these guys occupy their time in a variety of ways. Boyko is a technical specialist who makes vinyl win Andy StamesPost-Gazette photos Above: Members of the rock band Social Outcast stand on the roof of the Homestead Building, where they were recording. They are, from left, Andy Gorscak (bassist); Kurt Fleckenstein (guitarist); Brian Gault (drummer); Ted Boyko (singer). Below: Gorscak and Boyko perform a song during the recording session for their third release. dow extrusions. He also gardens, sings karaoke and sells adult movies (not realk but there is a sign by his front door that says as much). Gorscak is a truck driver. A rather interesting as pun vnwwiwnv w along the street Work could begin on the homes by spring, West-to-West Coalition President George Matta said The project is a partnership of the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Duquesne, the Allegheny County Economic Development Depart-' ment and West-to-West Coalition. The coalition consists of 21 Mon Valley communities from West Homestead south to West Elizabeth. The new homes will be 1,500-scruare-feet modular dwellings and also split-entry homes that will include garages with driveways. The neighborhood willinclude a landscaped community recreation area with picnic tables. The homes will face Kahler Street and Hampson Street About $2 million in county funding will go to site development construction and marketing. Matta said rebuilding the neighborhood would complement development of new businesses in the area. "We're hoping that it becomes a mixed neighborhood We need to encourage middle-income people back to the Mon Valley. The new neighborhood will be easily marketable because of its close proximity to Kennedy and Crawford avenues, West-to-West, officials said. Though the cost to build the homes will be about $100,000, the homes will sell for about $60,000, Matta said The cost difference would be covered by a second mortgage taken out by the federal government which would forgive the loan if the homeowner stays in the home for 15 years. County officials are expected to give final ap: proval of the development plans in the falL The developers want the site designated a neighborhood strategy area by the U.S. Department of Housing andUrban Development The distincr tion would allow people of all income levels to participate in the program. The Kahler Street plan is a good model of the next step many Mon Valley communities should take, West-to-West Coalition member Chuck Martoni said "We need to develop more of these mini neighborhoods." Jonathan Barnes is a free-lance writer, . pect of his job is document destruction (that's paper shredding to me and you). Outside of work and the band, he can be found remodeling his home. Gault is a civil draftsman tor an engineering hrm. He is a devoted NASCAR fan and loves water sports. Fleckenstein is a welder. He likes to fish, but nis passion is motorcycles. He owns six and works on all of his bikes and his truck. He is also the quietest of the four, although Gault could almost match him in that department. However, one of their songs, "Poor Boys," echoes hope: "One day, this poor boy just can't lose." Their friends and fans adore them and follow them everywhere. They draw crowds as large as seminational acts. Their ever-expanding following consists of everyone from the underage crowd to adults in their late 30s. There is no show too far away, too late, during a weekday or too obscure that will keep them away. No one wants to miss a Social Outcast show. "They're one of the few bands that arent from the city that bring everyone from out their way, and they support the club," said Joel Greenfield, owner of the 31stSt.Pub. They pack whatever venue they play in every time. With the Ultimata emerging triumphant from the Graffiti Rock Challenge in 2000, the tide is turning for lesser-known and underground bands. Though a distinctive driving force for years, S.O. is now getting recognition. In a town where classic rock is king, bar owners are waking up to the fact supporters of local music want a less mainstream, alternative sound. S.O. is feeding that demand. 0 tf9WA S.O. is Mighty Mighty Bosstones-meets-punk-meets-hard rock. "We were doing the Limp Bizkit thing three years before they came out. We were different from the get, playing stuff like Primus, Rage Against the Machine, Fugazi ...," Boyko said. Gault replied deadpan, "We did that Doors song. Who knew the Doors would be so popular?" S.O. cited influences as diverse as Little Richard, Elvis (one of Boyko's favorites, as the walls of his house are plastered with images of him), Primus, The Misfits, Billy Idol, Otis Redding and classic rock. S.O. is busy writing and recording at Digital Brothers Studio in Homestead This will be their third release. Their last album "Born Against" came out in 1998. They also have been featured on Steel City Aggression I and II compilations. Their first CD, "Under the Clutch," debuted in 1995. The album was recorded at an old redneck bar in West Mifflin called the Foggy Bottom, which came complete with a mechanical bull and rats in the parking lot. It gave new meaning to the term "dive bar." "If it wasn't for bad luck, we wouldn't have any," lamented Gorscak, and the band agreed. J.E. Rosenfeld is a free-lance writer. ZiulAnnmil Woundem Day Celebration Classic Car Cruise Friday, Aug. 17th 85 V MIUQ Ilpi3IIIfZ eOSSE' 6 pm till dark Jerry Braverman & "The Bossman" Forkey Chedwick from Music Power FM104 KGat Ml Vnnr Parfv Weerfs if ... A Our Basket Will Appeal in Every Case. STATE FARM IS THERE 24 HOURS A DAY EIGHT-WAY HAND TIED UPHOLSTERY SOFAS Ht STARTING AT UfJ 1 -SsiLggrn Trouble doesnl always wear a watch. That's why I offer my policyholders 24 Hour Good Neighbor Service. So you can call my office and talk to a real person, anytime day or night to file a claim, ask a question and get the personalized help you need. 24 hours a day 7 days a week. TOWAlfl BREWER'S OUTLET CASTE VILLAGE SHOPPES 882-7766 BARBARA A. McGIVERN, Agent run A BALE... 15.40 OFF Up TO Selected Work Clothing Up TO Selected Boots FBAim'S SHOE QEPOm Caste Village Shopping Center 412-885-1711 Hours: Mon-Frl 8-7 Sat 8-5 Closed Sunday Caste Village Mall, Suite 116 Pittsburgh, PA 15236 (412)885-1717 EVERYDAY IMI3 Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there Stale Farm Insurance Companies Home Offices; Btoomington, Illinois wvKw.stalelarm.com Send me no flowers Gift tittktt: Ziunn A full-errlc non-Oorit tpedalliing In long -stemmed cookies, flowering money, fruit snd gift bsskets, and otlier distinctive gifts. Our creations sxe limited only bj your Imagination. r $57oo off""i I for purchase of $38.00 or more I L "JX IPlm mm mm mm mi 600 Weyman Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15236 Phone 412-885-4888 Fax 412-885-4455 Same day local deUrery and nationwide ahipplnf www.Mndmenoflowen.com Hours: Monday thru Saturday 9 A.M. 9 P.M. V EST. 1975 y EST. 1975 Caste Village Great Southern OVAL 881-6969 220-9150 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Furnishing Pittsburgh Country Noma Sinct 1975 LOUNGERESTAURAMT 412-885-3552 ItHUtlllill KEYSTONE 2412 OZ. CANS LOOSE $080 fee? Plus Sales Tax AMERICAHAMERICAH LIGHT 2412 OZ. CANS $399 U Plus Sales Tax MILWAUKEE'S BEST BEST - LIGHT - ICED a FAUX PAINTING It's Creative! It's Easy! We'll Show You How! WHOLE FRESH WINGS SAT. WED. SAT. & sun. MON. - WED. 11:00 A.M. - MIDNIGHT EAT IN ONLY Welcomes ATTORNEY AT LAW Wills Estate Administration Guardianship Power of Attorney Accidents Suite M-126 Caste Milage Pittsburgh, PA 15236 412-884-7888 CQ 2412 OZ. QJ CANS Plus Sales Tax Sponging Rag Rolling Glazing CASE VILLAGE ACE HARDWARE Baptist and Grove Road 412-882-5503 Janine Korpa-Anderson (formerly of a Castle Shannon Salon) ; 10 OFF": i All Services by Janine SPECIALS EXPIRE 6I3WI TAKE OUT-45tf EACH CONVENIENT DRIVE-UP CURB SERVICE FREE DELIVERY TO MAIDEN BRIDGE & CAN0NGATE APARTMENTS . WE RESERVE THE R1GHTTO LIMIT QUANTITIES i. 412-882-3225 .. QUALITY HEARING II DOLLAR DISCOUNT .tt9 for 1950 I K-Mfmm AID CENTER L A si it Custom Fit Digital, Programmable & Conventional Technolgv. YourCcmmunityBanh Casto Villago Office " Mix ffllli 1 r T-ThWimw mMf, PITTSBURGH 412-881X4377 tSSm-t . L , , T-S'M -,y We'll Owy Diamonds TheWaxr "WHERE j Purchase SneDoliaMtems j EVERYTHING and j Receive Sixth One Dollar Item ! $1.00 L7DSEE CVCDYfAY" I Exclude Balloons I EVCKIIAI Valid thru S3101. One ceugon pr customer rerytilt J DOLLAR DISCOUNT DOLLAR DISCOUNT OAK PARK MALL CASTE VILLAGE SHOPPES 9001 LINCOLN WAY, WHITE OAK 3301 GROVE ROAD 412-673-4340 419-881-4713 MON.-SAT. 1 0-9; SUN. 1 1 -5 MON.-SAT. 1 0-9; SON. 11-3 A .90 diamond valued at $3,995. Thru Auflist 31st. Set store for details. t tt? w a Mnwrr 7 tfyvftfh LynnLCopcland, A.V.P., Manager 412-884-1301 www greatamericanfedcral com 3 Member FDIC Caste Village 881-5611 A


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PostPosted: 15 Sep 2018 
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Чуть больше 20-ти лет назад, человек продавал этот диск за $5 :crazy:
https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic ... H4_w2LP7MI

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PostPosted: 25 Sep 2018 
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У меня 4 песни есть с этого альбома и еще какие-то песни, которые выслали, но там по-моему полная хрень, если честно.

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