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PostPosted: 11 Feb 2010 
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Bad Wolf - 1993 - Knock It Down


BAD WOLF - 1995 - Sleeping Dogs Lie

Armed And Dangerous
Tell Your Story Walking
Two Sides Of One Equation
In The Jungle
She's The Hunter
High Horse
Good Time Express
Smooth Elevator
When The Rain Is Falling Down
I Ain't In Love With You

This super rare 11 track CD was privately produced and released on their own label in 1995. They are a melodic hard rock band from Madison, Wisconsin and this is the second of two CDs released during the time they existed.

I can hear some great 80s style melodic rock that can easily compete with the likes of PASSION RISK, ATTRACTION, LOUD'N'CLEAR, DANGER DANGER, DOKKEN and Y&T. There are several songs that have a sound like a mix between early SKID ROW, WINGER and WARRANT.

In 1997 BADWOLF played their last show and soon after the book was closed, the bandmembers went on to do other things. I don't recall seeing this one more than once or twice on E Bay, so now is a golden opportunity to own a true collectable. The disc and inserts are in near mint condition, so bid with confidence!!!


Bad Wolf - 1993 - Knock It Down

Disc 1:
1. Never Enough
2. Lion Tamer
3. Crying In The Dark
4. Do What You Want
5. Rock and Run Away
6. Stevie's Lost Again
7. I Can't Give You Love
8. Push And Shove

Disc 2:
9. Secrets On The Air
10. I Was Never Much Good At Saying Goodbye
11. Straight To The Edge
12. Tip Of The Tongue
13. Ocean Breezes
14. Little Miss Angel
15. Cry Of The Wolf

прочая информация
история группы с оф.странички (уже закрытой):
    Badwolf was a four member rock band from Madison, Wisconsin consisting of drummer Rob Jolin, lead vocalist Wade Otis, guitarist Charles Thomas, bassist Dana Hood (1991-1994), and bassist John Richardson (1994-1997).

    Influenced by bands like Queensryche, Van Halen, Skid Row, Dokken, and Alice In Chains, Badwolf's original music combined energetic guitar-oriented hard rock music with strong lyrical statements, lush vocal harmonies, and a dynamic stage show.

    Badwolf was formed in 1991 by Charles Thomas and founding bassist Dana Hood, both of whom were veterans of several local bands. The two soon located drummer Rob Jolin by placing an ad in a local rock rag. After a series of unsuccessful partnerships with vocalists, fellow Madison resident Wade Otis was convinced to leave his band "Driver" to join Badwolf, thus completing the four-piece lineup. This original lineup played for several years and built a strong local following on the Madison club scene, as well as in surrounding towns around the Midwest.

    It was this lineup which recorded and released the 1993's album "Knock It Down", a 15-song collection of original music which covered a lot of ground musically in 71 minutes of guitar-driven hard rock. The CD took 10 grueling months to record in Badwolf's home studio, and was produced, mixed, and engineered by guitarist Charles Thomas. Songs on the "Knock It Down" CD range from straight-ahead rockers like "Never Enough" and "Lion Tamer", to the moody darkness of "I Was Never Much Good At Saying Goodbye" and "Crying In The Dark", to the more elaborate musical vision of songs like "Secrets On The Air" and "I Can't Give You Love", to the jazz-influenced structure and breathtaking saxophone work on "Ocean Breezes". The album is a portrait of musical diversity.

    In 1994, bassist Dana Hood announced his departure from Badwolf to pursue other musical opportunities, and John Richardson was selected to be his replacement after an extensive search. John's easy-going manner offstage, combined with his onstage energy and sense of humor, made the new Badwolf lineup an increasingly popular live show; their following grew.

    In 1995 Badwolf went back into the studio to record "Sleeping Dogs Lie", which was named "Best Local Release of 1996" by the Rhythm section of the Wisconsin State Journal. The 11 song CD shows a more polished and musically focussed group, while retaining the energy, musicianship, and sense of humor that were Badwolf trademarks.

    Badwolf played their farewell show in June, 1997. Some of the key players in Badwolf went on to form the group Hotter Than Karl, which still performs and records in the Madison area today. But the music of Badwolf remains as a legacy to the hard work and vision of the individual members in a time when hard rock music ruled the airwaves.

рецензия с сайта HOT NEW AOR REVIEWS:
    BADWOLF 'Knock it down'

    BADWOLF was a Melodic Hardrockband from Madison, Wisconsin, USA. They released two CDs during the time they existed. The first CD 'Knock it down' was released in 1993 and featured some brilliant classy 80s typed melodic rock like a mixture between DOKKEN, TYKETTO and HEAVENS EDGE. There were 15 songs on 'Knock it down' and you can now only get two separate CDs through mp3.com of this album. The first 8 songs of 'Knock it down' are available on the first mp3 CD and I can inform you that this is the best part of the album.

    Opener "Never enough" is classy 80s melodic rock all the way and moves into BRITTON, LOUD'N'CLEAR, DOKKEN, TYKETTO territory. Next track "Lion tamer" is in the same style, although I smell a WINGER, HEAVENS EDGE similarity over here. Then there's "Crying in the dark", a superb AOR chorus can be heard in this song. That chorus features perfect super melodic vocal harmonies and this song is in the same style as the recently signed Frontiers signed acts TEER and TALON/VOXEN as well as MILLENNIUM, EYEWITNESS and EMERALD RAIN. A bit weaker, simpler groovy rock is the following song "Do what you want" (mix of WINGER and EXTREME).

    Things are back into classy 80s melodic rock on the next tune "Rock and run away". The groovy melodic rocker "Stevie's lost again" has a pretty nice chorus. Next up is "I can't give you love", one of the many highlights of the first part of this CD, because this is a fantastic classy 80s uptempo AOR/Melodic Rocker like 80s DOKKEN, VON GROOVE. The song
    has that perfect cheesy 80s sound, but also features a wonderful long guitarsolo at the end of this CD. The first part of the CD closes with "Push and shove", a simpler uptempo party MHR song like DIRTY BLONDE meets HEAVENS EDGE. So, these above mentioned 8 songs of 'Knock it down' are nowadays available as Disc 1 through the band's mp3 site at:

    But the original 'Knock it down' CD featured another 7 songs and those are available as Disc 2 via mp3.com This second part of the CD is not as good as the first part of the album. Still also this is quality melodic rock.

    My favourite songs on Disc 2 are definitely "Secrets on the air" (great midtempo melodic rocker with again lovely harmonies and a sound close to DOKKEN and TYKETTO), "Little miss angel" (uptempo melodic hardrock like LOUD'N'CLEAR) and closing track "Cry of the wolf" (another 80s typed classy melodic rocker). I prefer Disc 1, which features the best songs of the band and is a big recommendation to anyone who likes the good old fun melodic rock of bands such as DOKKEN, TYKETTO, HEAVENS EDGE… Both discs are available through their websites at: http://www.mp3.com/badwolf, but also the original CD 'Knock it down' is still available through http://www.hotterthankarl.com/Badwolf The story isn't over yet, just read the review below!

    Rating: 8,5/10

PostPosted: 08 Oct 2012 
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Тём, радикаловские картинки и так пропадут скоро... вон одна уже схряпалась, правая...
http://s005.radikal.ru/i212/1002/1d/7f0de64bfa43.jpg 404 - Файл или каталог не найден.
А картинку вложение со вторым альбомом можно перекинуть на ЯФ :true:


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PostPosted: 09 Mar 2013 
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Вечерком залью весь альбом + миник.

Эээ.. до сих пор не понял временами, где там поёт девочка, а где мальчик, а где оба вместе :crazy:

А вот и вечерок настал :true:

Альбом не слушал. Некогда :fingal: Список песен на яДиске можно глянуть :oops:

MultiUp l Narod


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