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PostPosted: 11 Aug 2009 
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Have Mercy - 1984 - Pleading For Mercy (demo)


Вероятно так бы мог звучать Manowar, исполняй они thrash metal в начале 80-х. С рваным ритмом, панковским звучанием и крикливым вокалом.
Это первая демка группы, вышедшая самиздатом в 84-м году. Впрочем, группа за свою карьеру так и неудосужилась записать полноформатный альбом. Только демки, миники, сборник и зальник.
Музыка, честно сказать, на любителя. На большого любителя неординарно звучащего героического трэша.
Это еще не совсем трэш-мэтал, но уже и не типичный американский power. Что-то среднее. И оттого малопонятное...
Но альбом довольно интересный.

Have Mercy was a great thrash metal band, which started and disbanded already in the Eighties. Their music consisted of great thrash riffing, wild guitar soloing and high-pitched vocals (at least most of the time). Yes, you guessed right - this was, indeed, a killer combination. Hence, Have Mercy was often compared to bands such as Agent Steel, but as you probably already know, every band is special in it's own way, and this rule surely applies to Have Mercy more than to any other band.
Fortunately in their quite short time of exsistence Have Mercy managed to release a few demos and even an EP, but on the other hand, it was even a greater shame that they didn't get a chance to release at least one whole album – they disbanded instead...

John Knoerlein and Mike Guilta put an ad in the Baltimore Sun in 1983 for a bass player to start Baltimore’s “Ultimate Metal Band”. Rob Michael answered the ad. The three teamed up, started jamming and became good friends. After a few weeks Mike left due to personal differences. John and Rob put an ad in the paper and Tom Maxwell and his friend Nick Ellingson called. The four clicked and started rehearsing and writing songs. Have Mercy was born. John Gontrum answered an ad for a singer. The band played it’s first show on May 4, 1983. Two shows later Gontrum quit because of musical differences. Sean Zellers was next in on vocals.

The band recorded it’s first demo “Pleading For Mercy” in mid 84. Sean, unhappy with the bands heavy direction quit. He lasted for three shows. Lee Dayton was next. Lee re-recorded the vocals on “Pleading For Mercy” and the demo was released. It received a lot of attention from fanzines and metal heads, but failed to get the attention of any record companies.

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PostPosted: 14 Aug 2009 
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HAVE MERCY 2004 The Years of Mercy 8 На этом диске собраны 18 песен, которые ранее были опубликованы только как демо - 1984 'Pleading for Mercy' demo, 1985 'Mass Destruction' demo, 1987 demo и 1988 'Morbid Reality' demo. Песенка "The Omen" (с демо 1985 года) была взята для культового сборника Metal Massacre Volume 7. Американский power/speed с высоким вокалистом, типичный для второй половины 80-х. Типа второго альбома Attacker, Savage Grace, Thrust, Agent Steel, Holy Terror, Blessed Death. и т.д. Конечно музыка классная, но качество подвальное, характерное для демо того времени.

HAVE MERCY 86m "Armageddon descends" 9 Стиль не изменился, по сравнению с демками - Американский power/speed с высоким вокалистом, типичный для второй половины 80-х. Типа второго альбома Attacker, Savage Grace, Thrust и т.д.

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