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Дохлые Космонавты
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Author:  Entomologist [ 07 Feb 2017 ]
Post subject:  Дохлые Космонавты

Тема - дохлые космонавты! :lob: Никому ненужные космические странники в эпоху тотального Мракобесия :dance:

Принимаются оптом и в розницу обложки альбомов рок и метал жанров (в виде исключения можно изборочно и прочие жанры), с мертвыми, почти мертвыми, условно и скоро мертвыми космонавтами человеческого, животного и внеземного происхождения в скафандрах, а если без, то на фоне глубокого и околоземного космоса (с исключениями: мертвый космонавт упавший на Землю, луну и иной другой объект [тут могут быть самые разные вариации]). Философские, грибные, психоделичные и сюрные вариации на тему - приветствуются и поощряются. Выбираем лучшего дохлого космонавта. Победителю в конце каждого года - приз: бесплатный проезд в лунапарк.

:lob: :lob: :lob: :lob: :lob: :lob: :lob: :lob: :lob:


| +
3 Wheeler Band 2016 Space Tribe
Abnormal - Dead Space / Harry Potter Must Die
Abominable Putridity 2012 The Anomalies of Artificial Origin
A Borrowing Kid Generation 2017 Step by Step
A Dark Orbit 2015 Inverted
Afterbirth 2017 The Time Traveler's Dilemma
Alan Davey 2017 Sputnik Stan, Vol. 1: A Fistful of Junk
Aliendog 2019 Robot Dog Sessions
Alien Escape Clause 2014 Planetary Domination
Aliens Noble Drive Surgery and U-Zen 2018 The First Intention
Amon Düül II 1974 Hijack
Among Asteroids 2017 Death And Despair
Angelus Apatrida 2015 Hidden Evolution
Animus 2015 Animus
Aphelion 2018 Aphelion [EP]
Apogee 2018 Conspiracy of Fools
Armory 2016 World Peace... Cosmic Wars
Art Thieves 2017 Alternate Forms of Communication
Astroman 2018 Astroman [EP]
Astrosaur 2017 Fade In // Space Out
Axeslasher 2013 Anthology of Terror, Vol. 1
Axis Orbit 2015 Axis Orbit
Avalanche Street 2017 - Two Years In space
Aye-aye 2017 - In Peace
Ayreon 2000 Flight of The Migrator
Ακρίτας- 1973 - Ακρίτας
Aquilla 2019 Saviors of the Universe
Bandazos 2017 Revolution Rock
Barón Rojo 1985 En un lugar de la marcha
Beast (Esp) 2013 Infernal Hangover...Wrecked In Space
Bernelius 2017 Space Drifter
BigSure 2018 Hydronaüt
Black Absence 2016 Voyager: Record
Blackleaf Gardens 2016 Edge of Time
Blake 2013 Saturnus
Blood Incantation 2015 Interdimensional Extinction
Bloodletter 2017 The Darkest Reaches (EP)
Bloodshot Dawn 2018 Reanimation
Born Again 2017 Strike with Power
Bort 2018 Crossing the Desert
Bowel Maggots​ / Severe Metastasis 2017 Bowel Maggots​ / ​Severe Metastasis(Split)
Brand New 2003 Deja Entendu
Buzzards of Babylon 2018 Micrometeoroid Modulation
Camel 1979 I Can See Your House From Here
Captivate 2016 Captivate
Capture Orbit 2018 Into Orbit
Cesspit 2018 Spacepirates
Chad Daniels 2017 Footprints on the Moon
CharmCharmChu 2017 The Delusion
Charred Remains 1991 Charred Remains / Pink Turds in Space (split)
Chasing Satellites 2018 Split
Chimp Change 2013 Type Zero Civilization
Clinton Shorter - The Expanse (OST)
Class Of 86 2014 Future on Fire
Cloud Cult - Light Chasers
Colostomy Spacebag 2019 Gore In Space [EP]
Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen 1975 Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen
Compilerbau 2014 Tachyon
Contaminated 2017 Final Man
Contrarian 2015 Polemic
Cosmic Relic 2017 Basement Demo
Cosmonaut Fuzz 2017 Cosmonaut Fuzz
Crimson Glory 1988 Transcendence
CSBR Experience 2016 Monument of Stone
Csmnt 2018 Excommunicated
Cultist 2018 Cosmic Tomb
Dance Robot 2017 Road to Mars (single)
Dangercat 2014 To the Moon
Dan Vapid and the Cheats 2013 Two
Dead Astronaut 2016 Intersection Of Two
Dead Kosmonaut 2017 Expect Nothing
Dead Pixel 2013 Dead In Space
Dead Parrot 2016 Dead Parrot
Deathamphetamine 2012 The Lost Album
Deathforge 2016 Amputated and Amalgamated
Deconstructing Sequence 2017 Cosmic Progression: An Agonizing Journey Through Oddities of Space
Destination Space Station 2017 Hadean
Devastruction 2019 Space Force One
D I I U M 2016 Distresses & Emotions
Disproof 2015 Герои Минувших Дней
Downpour 2018 Downpour
Drain of Impurity -2015 Into the Cold Crypts of Dead Planet
Drivetrain 2016 Hellcat [EP]
DSW 2017 Tales From Cosmonaut
Eat Static 2008 Back to Earth
Ebonvoid 2017 Crawling Oblivion
Eela Craig 1978 Hats Of Glass
Electric Stove 2018 Hail, Starfighter
Electric Valley 2015 51973 EP
Eliminator 2018 Lost To The Void
Emperor Guillotine 2018 Robot Monster
Endname 2019 Eva
EnFire 2019 Juniper Landing
Eric Jason Brock 2017 Space Dawg
Ethereal Shade 2018 Veritas
Evoke Thy Lords 2013 Drunken Tales
Excusemei'mlost 2018 Respiratory Oppression
Exibis 2017 The Outer Space
Fatima Al Qadiri's 2016 Brute
Feelament 2018 Hate Delivery
Fire Down Below 2018 Hymn of the Cosmic Man
Floating Widget 2017 The Sounds of Earth
Flux Amuck 2019 The Alternate
FM 2001 Lost In Space
Forever Unclean 2017 Float
Gama Bomb 2009 Tales From The Grave In Space
Ghostborn 2016 Lost Voice
Gigafauna 2018 Vol.1
Goatburner 2019 Extreme Conditions
Gods & Punks 2016 The Sounds of the Earth [EP]
Gods & Punks 2018 Ceremony of Damnation Pt​.​1
Goodbye to Gravity 2015 Goodbye to Gravity
Goodbye To Gravity - Mantras Of War
gov' holocaustal 2015 charma space polka
Gravemind 2017 The Deathgate
Greg Ieronimo 2017 Never Leaving California
Gross Reality 2017 Escaping Gravity
Halleyz Komet 2015 Space Rock
Hal Bradley Orchestra - Space Age Santa Claus
Harrow 1994 The Pylon Of Insanity
Hellascope 2016 From Below [EP]
Hawkwind 1984 Bring Me The Head of Yuri Gagarin
Helion Prime 2017 Helion Prime
Helion Prime 2018 Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster
Heart of Cygnus 2009 Tales from Outer Space!
Help Me To Escape 2018 Planets
Hexendrone 2018 Heavy Drugs Smashed Amps
Hey Satan 2019 Orange Moon
Hiden Intent 2016 Apocalypse Now
Highway Chile ‎1983 Storybook Heroes
High On Wheels 2018 Astronauts Follow Me Down
Hombre de Otro Plano 2017 La Aventura del Hombre
Hot Ram 2017 Leave A Beautiful Corpse
Howling Giant 2016 Black Hole Space Wizard: Part 1
Hugo Kant 2017 Out Of Time
Hyperion 2017 Dangerous Days
Killing Addiction 1993 (2018) Omega Factor
Kosmograd 2011 self​-​titled
Ilsa 2018 Corpse Fortress
Iron Maiden 2010 Final
Iron Savior 2015 Live At The Final Frontier
Jacob Lizotte 2018 Protonaut
Jason Graves - Dead Space OST
Jexno 2017 Songs From The Black Hole
Judas Priest 1985 Camel '80 (bootleg)
Julian X's GUNVOLT 2018 - Galaxias en Navidad (Xmas single)
Kafziel 2017 The Voyager
Kafziel 2018 2.0
Kal-El 2017 Astrodoomeda
Kedari Station 2016 Say Goodbay To Ground Control
Kick - 2004 - New Horizon
KIKEN - Rising
Kosmonavt 2013 Inside
Kotton & The Kaptive 2016 The Laconis Automation
Kung Foo Preacher 2014 Life Lessons From Space
L.A. Guns ‎2001 Man In The Moon
Lecrae 2012 Gravity
Led Zeppelin ‎1999 Early Days: The Best Of Led Zeppelin Volume One
Led Zeppelin 2000 Latter Days
Leucosis 2012 Pulling Down the Sky
Leo Toyra 2017 Lattjojazz
Lethe 2017 The First Corpse On The Moon
London Orion Orchestra 2016 Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here Symphonic
Lousy Bends 2018 Return to Planet Filth
Ligature Marks 2018 Set Oceans on Fire
Liquid Motion 2016 Zenith
Lonely Robot 2017 The Big Dream
Lonely Robot 2019 Under Stars (Bonus Tracks Edition)
Lydia Laska 2018 Ego Death
Mal-Amen 2017 Tulpa
Manifestic 2019 Anonymous Souls
Man or Astro-Man?1994 Destroy All Astromen
Massic 2018 Redshift
Maximum Busy Muscle 2017 Maximum Busy Muscle
MaxXouT 2018 The Big Push [EP]
Megalodon 2017 Treasure Island
Mendel 2015 Oblivion
Meteor Vortex 2016 Cosmic Labyrinth
Michael Columbia 2002 Michael Columbia
Midnight Hour 2012 Into the Night
Mi'ens 2017 Challenge
Mines Doom 2017 Demo
moon:and:6 2015 Launch Sequence A
moon:and:6 2017 A Brief History of American Space Trave
Mooncake 2011 More Oxygen, I Said...
Moonstruck 2018 Impact
Mosida 2018 Clouded Crown
Mother Leads 2016 Lost Cosmonauts
Multi Story 1985 East West
Mysterell 2004 Sensational
Negativehate 2012 In Cosmic Winter
NIB 2017 The Bianca Trouble Landing
Nick Johnston 2013 In a Locked Room on the Moon
Nitrate 2018 Real World
No Good Advice 2017 From the Outer Space
Obscurae Dimension 2019 From Dream To Dust
Oh Boy Prince 2015 Astronaut
Omega Void 2019 To The Void
OMFO 2016 We Are The Shepherds
Oozing Wound 2016 Whatever Forever
Orange Goblin 2014 Back from the Abyss
Oranssi Pazuzu 2009 Muutkalainen Puhuu
Oresund Space Collective 2011 Dead Man In Space
Origami 2013 Шаги в бесконечность
Os Bichos - Cosmonautas
OST - The Green Slime
Owain 2018 Tales from a Space Cavern (Split w​/​Vinnum Sabbathi)
Ozaena 2017 Necrive
ÖfÖ Am 2018 Tales From Outerspace : An Octaman's Odyssey
Phantom Sattelites 2018 Regions Unknown
Pleasure Toys 2017 Planetoid EP
POPULATION CONTROL 2018 Schadenfreude [EP]
Precursive 2017 Precursive (EP)
Prince Daddy & the Hyena 2016 I Thought You Didn't Even Like Leaving
Principe di Sacerno 2017 Space Cat
Protonaut 2018 The Art Of Rearranging
Psychotic Defilement 2017 Designed To Die
Quantum Colossus 2017 Quantum Colossus
Ralph Smalls 2017 Orthodox [неформат, стиль: пих-пох]
Ramses [MEX] - 2016 - Delirio de Desastre (Pon Tu Cerebro a Remojar)
Reckless Serenade 2015 Out Here
Reptilian Humanoid 2018 Bitchcraft and Lizardry
Rescue 1989 Rescue
Rina Green 2015 Universe 25
Ringwerm & Murgatroid 2013 Seahorse Turnstyle
Ritual Earth 2018 Demo
Rivershores 2014 Fuck It Dude, Let's Get Wasted
Robb & Pott 2016 One Upon The Wings
Rob Zombie ‎2016 Well, Everybody's Fucking In A U.F.O.
Rust 2015 Impossible Astronaut
Sadwings 1985 Lonely Hero
Sahg 2013 Delusions Of Grandeur
Saola 2016 Black Canvas
Schizogen 2016 Parasitic Origin
Sheol 2011 I, The Cosmos
Shooting Guns / Hawkeyes 2015 Brothers of The Nod (Split)
Silent Memorial 1999 Cosmic Handball
Silent Mode 2017 Gasoline | Corkscrew
Sistema Asesino 2016 Un Nuevo Comienzo
Skafandr 2012 Glaz
Skeleton Gong 2015 For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky
Slabdragger 2016 Rise of The Dawncrusher
Sleep 2017 The Clarity
Sleep 2018 The Sciences
Sleeperdrone 2016 Cosmonautilus
Slugdge 2017 The Cosmic Cornucopia
Slyde 2017 Back Again
Smashing Dumplings 2017 Side Effects
Snake Egg 2018 III
Snake Thursday 2014 Iter
Spacebag 2015 Pareidolia
Spacehamster 2017 The Dying Beast
Space Cadaver 2017 Space Cadaver
Spacelord 2018 Indecipher
Spaceman Paul 2018 Envoy (Preview EP)
Space Vacation 2014 Cosmic Vanguard
Spiral 2016 Amae
Stephen Hawking Experience - Stephen Hawking Experience
Stonecast 2019 I Earther
Stoned To Death/Ding Dong Death Hole 2018 Split
Stone Disciple 2018 Lost Comm
Stoner Kings 2017 Limbonic Void
Stoner Train 2016 Hobo From the Outer Space
Strawberry Juice 2017 L'appel des songes
Suicide Watch 2018 Thrashing Like It's 1986
Suffereign 2006 Secreted Insanity
Superfat 2019 Guadal
S30V 2019 Gutter to Infinity
Tartarus Hymn 2019 Remedy
Telegraph 2018 Mir
Telomeres 2017 Spacesuit 10
Ten Shots And K.O. 2017 Shot Two
The Atomic Bitchwax 2017 Force Field
The Blue Stones 2015 Black Holes
The Chair Men 2018 The Chair Men
The Coffin Daggers 2006 Out of Limits
The Cosmic Dead 2011 Psychonaut
The Damned Falcon 2015 Diamond Roses
The :Egocentrics 2010 Love Fear Choices and Astronaut
The Fiasco 2018 Fly To Space
The Heavy Crown 2018 Reign On
The Hill and Wood 2017 When You Go
The Lansbury 2017 Studio Session
The Prototype 2016 So It Begins
The Tronautas 2018 Olovorgo
The 9th Planet Out 2018 The 9th Planet Out
Thinner 2014 Elevator to Mars
Thirst Planet 2018 The Essence
This Ends Here/Conqueror Worm 2017 Split
Thomas Dissevelt – Fantasy In Orbit
To Be Astronauts 2017 Indifferentstates
Toxica 2014 Egoismo Autodestructivo [EP]
Turbobobcat 2017 Pentastar Rocket Ride
Tom Petty ‎2006 Highway Companion
Toxic Waltz 2016 From A Distant View
Trism 2018 The Lonely Austronaut
Twinkling 2017 Staring At Crab Nebula
Unreal Terror 1986 Hard Incursion
Vador 2018 Magnum Opioid EP
Vektor 2013 Outer Isolation
Verdun 2013 The Cosmic Escape Of Captain Masuka
V.A. - Accordeonpourri de Kermisklante
V.A. 1999 Demonic Plague. A Tribute To Death
V.A. 2014 Dead Infection & Friends: Mexican Tribute To The Gods Of Gore Grind
V.A. 2017 Space Isn't The Only Void In Your Life
Vic Mizzy 2005 The Reluctant Astronaut
Vinnum Sabbathi 2014 Falcon Dragon
Vinnum Sabbathi 2014 Fume On Split
Vinnum Sabbathi 2015 Fuzzonaut
Vinnum Sabbathi 2016 Gravity Works
Vinnum Sabbathi 2018 The Good Earth is Dying (Split w/ Cegvera)
Vultures of the Void 2018 Vultures of the Void [EP]
Walk On Fire 2017 Mind Over Matter
Walter Carlos – Switced On Bach II
WastedSky 2017 Пульсар
Waveshaper 2016 Station Nova
West, Space and Love 2016 West, Space and Love II
Witheria 2014 Devastating Return
Wo Fat 2006 The Gathering Dark
Wo Fat 2009 Psychedelonaut
Wo Fat 2012 The Black Code
Wojciech Golczewski 2016 Reality Check
Woodhawk 2017 Beyond The Sun
Young Sinner 2015 Mars Attack
Zippo 2016 After Us
Zottos 2017 Anything Helps [EP]
Ya Ya Choral ‎1989 One Small Step For Mankind
В небо 2013 Однажды
Земля-Воздух 2019 Demo
Ленинград ‎1999 Пуля+
Свиная грусть 2013 Бортовой журнал
Станция Туман 2018 Первый Космический
Цитадель 2019 Звёздный Путь

Author:  Entomologist [ 30 Apr 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Дохлые Космонавты

Да, вполне ничего так альбом, послушал :meloman:

Author:  32warlord1 [ 03 May 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Дохлые Космонавты

Vultures of the Void 2018 - Vultures of the Void [EP]

Author:  32warlord1 [ 18 May 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Дохлые Космонавты

The Chair Men 2018 - The Chair Men

Author:  Entomologist [ 18 May 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Дохлые Космонавты

Вот бомбануло :crazy:

Author:  32warlord1 [ 28 May 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Дохлые Космонавты

Owain 2018 - Tales from a Space Cavern (Split w​/​Vinnum Sabbathi)


Author:  Entomologist [ 28 May 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Дохлые Космонавты

Ого, с коровой даже космонавта нелёгкая занесла куда-то :dance:

Author:  32warlord1 [ 01 Jun 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Дохлые Космонавты

Ozaena 2017 - Necronaut

Author:  32warlord1 [ 02 Jun 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Дохлые Космонавты

Csmnt 2018 - Excommunicated

Author:  Entomologist [ 02 Jun 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Дохлые Космонавты

Cпсб :thanx:

Author:  32warlord1 [ 12 Jun 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Дохлые Космонавты

Chasing Satellites 2018 - Split

Author:  32warlord1 [ 12 Jun 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Дохлые Космонавты

Toxica 2014 - Egoismo Autodestructivo [EP]

Author:  Entomologist [ 20 Jun 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Дохлые Космонавты

Fire Down Below 2018 Hymn of the Cosmic Man


Author:  32warlord1 [ 26 Jun 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Дохлые Космонавты

Gods & Punks
2016 - The Sounds of the Earth [EP]


2018 - Ceremony of Damnation Pt​.​1

Author:  Entomologist [ 26 Jun 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Дохлые Космонавты

Вторая не такая уж и дохлая космонавточка, но пусть будет :dance:

Author:  32warlord1 [ 26 Jun 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Дохлые Космонавты

никто не уйдёт живым )))

Author:  Molot [ 30 Jun 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Дохлые Космонавты


Helion Prime - 2018 - Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster

Продолжение этой серии.

Author:  Scatterbrain [ 30 Jun 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Дохлые Космонавты


Author:  32warlord1 [ 05 Jul 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Дохлые Космонавты

эмм... вотъ
Ligature Marks 2018 - Set Oceans on Fire

Author:  32warlord1 [ 11 Jul 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Дохлые Космонавты

Fire Down Below 2018 Hymn of the Cosmic Man


детёныш дохлого космонавта перед грудным вскармливанием?

Author:  Entomologist [ 11 Jul 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Дохлые Космонавты

Космос космонавту - мать родная :dance:

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