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PostPosted: 28 Sep 2009 
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Lоcаtion: Санктъ-Петербуркъ
Age: 55
Name: Олекъ
Abighor [1994] [CD] Anticlockwise (1997 Japan)
Abstract Shadows [2007] [CD] Symphony Of Hakel
Abstracta [1998] [CD] T.R.I.P.
Acacia [1996] [CD] Deeper Secrets
Accept [1989] [CD] Eat The Heat (2002 remaster)
Acron [1998] [CD] Labyrinth Of Fears
Acrophet [1988] [CD] Corrupt Minds (2008 reissue)
Acrophet [1990] [CD] Faded Glory (2008 reissue)
Adamind [2007] [CD] Balance
Age Of Rebellion [1997] [CD] Ikarus Dream
Age Of Rebellion [1999] [CD] Dividing Horizons
Aghora [2006] [CD] Formless
Agora [2001] [CD] Segundo Pasado
Akashic [2001] [CD] Timeless Realm
Akashic [2005] [CD] A Brand New Day
Alchemy X [1999] [CD] A Delicate Balance
Alchemy X [2003] [CD] 11:59:59
All That I Bleed [2002] [CD] Dying To Remember
All Too Human [1998] [CD] Forever And A Day (by SapoMalo)
All Too Human [2002] [CD] Entropy (2004 Europe)
Altered Vision [1996] [CD] Fantasia
Altura [1996] [CD] Mercy
Anacrusis [2010] [2CD] Hindsight: Suffering Hour & Reason Revisited
Ancient Curse [1995] [CD] Thirsty Fields (1997 reissue)
Ancient Curse [1997] [CD] The Landing
Andeavor [1999] [CD] Once Upon Time
Andromeda [2004] [CD] Extension Of The Wish - Final Extension
Angels Grace [2003] [CD] New Era Rising
Anguish [1996] [CD] Lost Days Of Infancy
Annon Vin [1993] [MCD] Higher Spheres
Annon Vin [1996] [CD] A New Gate
Anti-Depressive Delivery [2004] [CD] Feel. Melt. Release. Escape
Anubis Gate [2011] [CD] Anubis Gate
Archaic [2006] [CD] Time Has Come To Envy The Dead (2009 reissue)
Archangel [1996] [CD] In Tears The Angel Falls... (1998 reissue)
Ark [1999] [CD] Ark (2001 reissue)
Ark [2001] [CD] Burn The Sun (Japan)
Art Of Simplicity [2007] [CD] Caught In This I Less Storm
Artch [1988] [CD] Another Return CD1 (2001 reissue)
Artch [1988] [VCD] Another Return CD2 - Artch Live '93 (2001 reissue)
Artch [1991] [2CD] For The Sake Of Mankind (2001 reissue)
Artension [1996] [CD] Into The Eye Of The Storm (Japan)
Artension [1997] [CD] Phoenix Rising (Japan)
Artension [1999] [CD] Forces Of Nature (Japan)
Artension [2000] [CD] Machine (Japan)
Asaian [1996] [CD] Drama
Ascension Theory [2002] [CD] Regeneration (2004 reissue)
Ascension Theory [2005] [CD] Answers
Ashent [2006] [CD] Flaws Of Elation
Aspid [1992] [CD] Extravasation (2007 remaster)
Astarte Syriaca [2008] [CD] Darkened Light
Astra [2006] [CD] About Me: Through Life And Beyond
Athena [1995] [CD] Inside The Moon
Athena [1998] [CD] A New Religion?
Athena [1998] [CD] A New Religion? (Japan)
Atlantida [2004] [CD] Painted Reality
AtmOsfear [1997] [MCD] AtmOsfear
AtmOsfear [2003] [CD] Inside The Atmosphere
AtmOsfear [2009] [CD] Zenith
Auditory Imagery [1992] [CD] Reign (1994 Japan)
Auditory Imagery [1995] [CD] So Alive
Aura [2008] [CD] A Different View From The Same Side
Aura [2011] [CD] Deliverance
Avalon [1995] [CD] Why Now
Avalon [1997] [CD] Mystic Places (Japan)
Avalon [1998] [CD] Vision Eden
Avatar [2002] [CD] Essence
Aztec Jade [2000] [CD] Paradise Lost

B.E.N.T. [2001] [CD] Eleven
Balance Of Power [1997] [CD] When The World Falls Down (Japan)
Balance Of Power [1999] [CD] Ten More Tales Of Grand Illusion (Japan)
Balance Of Power [2001] [CD] Perfect Balance (Japan)
Battlefield [1991] [CD] Still And Ever Again
Beast [1985] [CD] Like Living In A Cage (1994 reissue)
Behind The Curtain [1999] [CD] Till Birth Do Us Part
Believer [1989] [CD] Extraction From Mortality (2001 reissue)
Believer [1989] [CD] Extraction From Mortality (2007 remaster)
Believer [1990] [CD] Sanity Obscure (2005 remaster)
Believer [1993] [CD] Dimensions
Believer [2009] [CD] Gabriel
Believer [2011] [CD] Transhuman
Betoken [2004] [CD] The Gate Of Nothing
Betoken [2006] [CD] Dead Soul Insomnia
Big Heat [1995] [CD] Grand Ominous Dreams
Black Jester [1993] [CD] Diary Of A Blind Angel
Black Jester [1997] [CD] The Divine Comedy
Blackkout [1989] [CD] Ignorance Of Man (2010 remaster)
Blackstorm [2009] [CD] Twist Of Fate
Bliss [1998] [CD] Sin To Skin
Bliss [1999] [CD] Re-Thought
Brainstorm [1998] [2CD] Unholy (2007 reissue)
Brainstorm [2005] [MCD] All Those Words
Breaking Silence [2000] [CD] Impact
Breaking Silence [2000] [CD] Impact (Japan)
Buddy Lackey [1993] [CD] The Strange Mind Of Buddy Lackey (2002 reissue)

Canterbury [2002] [CD] Horizons
Canvas Solaris [2006] [CD] Penumbra Diffuse
Canvas Solaris [2007] [CD] Cortical Tectonics
Canvas Solaris [2008] [CD] The Atomized Dream
Catharsis [1995] [CD] Pathways To Wholeness
Centaur [1990] [CD] Mob Rules The World
Centaur [1994] [CD] Power World
Centaur [1996] [CD] ...Perception...
Centaur [1998] [CD] God Complex
Chainsaw [2004] [CD] Smell The Saw
Chainsaw [2009] [CD] Metal Missionary
Chalice [2000] [CD] Digital Boulevard
Chalice [2005] [2CD] Shotgun Alley
Charisma [1999] [CD] Karma
Chinchilla [1994] [MCD] Who Is Who
Chinchilla [2002] [CD] The Last Millennium
Chinchilla [2003] [CD] Madtropolis
Chinchilla [2004] [CD] Take No Prisoners
Chrome Shift [2003] [CD] Ripples In Time
Chroming Rose [1990] [CD] Louis XIV
Chroming Rose [1996] [CD] New World
Chroming Rose [1999] [CD] Insight (Japan)
Circle Of Pain [2007] [CD] Our Darkest Hour
Circle Of Pain [2007] [DVD] Trilogy Of War, Hate And Forgiveness
Clockwork [1997] [MCD] Search
Clockwork [1999] [CD] Surface Tension
Cloudscape [2004] [CD] Cloudscape (Japan)
Comma [2001] [CD] Elusive Dreams
Comma [2004] [CD] Free As God
Commando [2008] [CD] Sudden Invasion
Complex 7 [2001] [CD] Water
Complex 7 [2003] [CD] Process
Complex 7 [2009] [MCD] c7.09 (demo)
Concept [2003] [CD] Reason And Truth
Concept [2003] [CD] Reason And Truth (Japan)
Concept [2005] [CD] The Divine Cage
Concept [2005] [CD] The Divine Cage (Japan)
Conniption [2008] [CD] A Method To Madness (2010 reissue)
Conscience [2005] [CD] Half-Sick Of Shadows
Conscience [2005] [DVD] Half-Sick Of Shadows
Consortium Project [1999] [CD] Ian Parry's Consortium Project (Japan)
Consortium Project II [2001] [CD] Continuum In Extremis (Korea)
Contradiction [1993] [CD] Rules Of Peace
Coroner [1986] [CD-Bootleg] Death Cult (2009 reissue)
Coroner [1993] [CD] Grin
Corum [1997] [CD] Riffhead
Crises [1995] [MCD] Crises
Crises [1998] [CD] Broken Glass
Crises [2004] [CD] Balance (by Юра "trankill" FYV)
Crises [2009] [CD] Coral Dreams
Crotalo [1997] [CD] Nel Cuore Del Mondo
Crown [1996] [MCD] Top Of The World
Crows [1991] [CD] The Dying Race
Cydonian [2001] [CD] Estranged
Cyperus [2011] [CD] Blow It Out Your Ass

Dakrya [2010] [CD] Crime Scene
Dantesco [2005] [CD] De La Mano De La Muerte
Dark Avenger [2003] [MCD] X Dark Years
Dark Suns [2008] [CD] Grave Human Genuine
Darkness [1988] [CD] Defenders Of Justice (2005 reissue)
Day Six [2010] [CD] The Grand Design
Dead Head [1999] [CD] Kill Division (2008 reissue)
Dead Head [2009] [CD] Depression Tank
Dead Nature [2005] [CD] Pure Impressions
Death Mechanism [2006] [CD] Human Error .. Global Terror (2008 reissue)
Defender [1999] [CD] They Came Over The High Pass
Degree Absolute [2006] [CD] Degree Absolute
Deliverance [1989] [CD] Deliverance (2008 remaster)
Deliverance [1990] [CD] Weapons Of Our Warfare (2008 remaster)
Delpht [2005] [CD] Living In Fantasy
Delusion [2003] [CD] The Tragedy Of Regret
Demiricous [2006] [CD] One (Hellbound)
Depressive Age [1999] [CD] From Depressive Age To D-Age
Despair [1990] [CD] Decay Of Humanity
Destillery [1999] [CD] Immortal Sun
Destillery [2000] [CD] Behind The Mask
Destillery [2002] [CD] Ferrum
Destiny Dreaming [1998] [CD] Water Breaks Stone
Deventter [2007] [CD] The 7th Dimension
DGM [1996] [MCD] Random Access Zone
DGM [1997] [CD] Change Direction
Digital Ruin [1997] [CD] Listen
Digital Ruin [2000] [CD] Dwelling In The Out
Dimension [2002] [CD] Universal
Dimension [2007] [CD] Ego
Distant Thunder [2004] [CD] Welcome The End
Divided Multitude [1999] [CD] Inner Self
Divided Multitude [2002] [CD] Falling To Pieces
Divided Multitude [2010] [CD] Guardian Angel
Dividing Horizons [1994] [CD] Seizure
Divine Regale [1994] [MCD] Horizons
Divine Regale [1997] [CD] Ocean Mind
Divine Ruins [2004] [CD] Sign Of The Times
Division [1996] [CD] Paradise Lost
Division [1998] [CD] Ascension To Eternity
Division [2004] [CD] Trinity
Division [2010] [CD] Control Issues
Division By Zero [2007] [CD] Tyranny Of Therapy
Division By Zero [2010] [CD] Independent Harmony
Doomsday [1993] [CD] Doomsday
Doomsday [1994] [CD] The Daily Junkfood
Dorian [1995] [CD] Into The Wishing Well
Dreamscape [1997] [CD] Trance-Like State
Dreamscape [1999] [CD] Very
Dreamscape [1999] [CD] Very (Japan)
Dreamscape [2004] [CD] End Of Silence
Dreamscape [2005] [CD] Revoiced (2008 reissue)
Dreamscape [2007] [CD] 5th Season (limited edition)
DreamSteel [2008] [CD] You
Dreyelands [2010] [CD] Rooms Of Revelation
Drifter [2006] [CD] The Demos 1985 & 1986
Drivhell [2009] [CD] A Journey As A Life
Dust From Misery [1998] [CD] Dust From Misery
Dynamic Lights [2002] [MCD] Resurrection
Dynamic Lights [2005] [CD] Shape

Echo Hollow [1998] [CD] Diet Of Worms
Echo Hollow [2004] [CD] Superficial Intelligence
Edwin Dare [1994] [CD] CantBreakMe (2005 reissue)
Edwin Dare [1998] [CD] My Time To Die
Eldritch [1995] [CD] Seeds Of Rage (2006 reissue)
Eldritch [1997] [CD] Headquake (2006 reissue)
Eldritch [1998] [CD] El Nino (2007 reissue)
Eldritch [2004] [CD] Portrait Of The Abyss Within (limited edition)
Eldritch [2007] [CD] Blackenday (limited edition)
Eldritch [2008] [2CD] Livequake
Eldritch [2008] [DVD] Livequake
Eldritch [2011] [CD] Gaia's Legacy
Elegy [1994] [CD] Supremacy
Elegy [1995] [CD] Lost
Elegy [1996] [MCD] Primal Instinct
Elegy [1997] [CD] State Of Mind (Japan)
Elegy [1998] [CD] Manifestation Of Fear
Elegy [1998] [CD] Manifestation Of Fear (Japan)
Elegy [2000] [CD] Forbidden Fruit (Japan)
Elegy [2002] [CD] Principles Of Pain (Japan)
Elenium [2009] [CD] Eccentric Soul's Anatomy
Ellipsis [2004] [CD] From Beyond Thematics
Elsesphere [2002] [CD] Blind Leading The Blind
Elwing [2005] [CD] War
Empyria [1996] [CD] Behind Closed Doors
Empyria [1998] [CD] Changing Currents
Empyria [2000] [MCD] The Legacy
Empyria [2002] [CD] Sense Of Mind
Enchanter [2008] [CD] Defenders Of The Realm
End Amen [1992] [CD] Your Last Orison
End Zone [1995] [CD] First Bequest
End Zone [1998] [CD] Eclectica
Epica [1995] [CD] Confini
Equinox [1995] [CD] Color Of The Time (1996 Japan)
Eruption [2009] [CD] Lifeless Paradise
Eterna [1999] [CD] Papyrus (2001 Europe)
Eterna [2001] [CD] The Gate (2002 Europe)
Eterna [2002] [CD] Terra Nova (2003 USA)
Eternity X [1994] [CD] Zodiac (1998 Europe)
Eternity X [1995] [CD] Mind Games (1998 Europe)
Eternity X [1997] [CD] The Edge
Eumeria [2011] [CD] Rebel Mind
Everwood [2005] [CD] Mind Games
Evil Wings [1994] [CD] Evil Wings
Evil Wings [1996] [CD] Brightleaf
Evil Wings [1999] [CD] Colors Of The New World
Evil Wings [2001] [CD] Kite
Evil Wings [2011] [CD] Kaleidoscope
Exawatt [2002] [MCD] 2K2 (demo)
Exawatt [2005] [CD] Time Frames
Exises [1986] [CD] Exises
Exises [1996] [CD] Reternity (1997 Japan)
Experience, The [1996] [CD] Realusion
Eyefear [2004] [CD] 9 Elements Of Inner Vision
Eyefear [2004] [DVD] 9 Elements Of Inner Vision

Face-X [2000] [MCD] Life: Chapter I (demo)
Face-X [2006] [CD] Relations
Factory Of Art [1996] [CD] Grasp!!!
Factory Of Art [1997] [MCD] Point Of No Return
Factory Of Art [2002] [CD] The Tempter
Faff-Bey [2005] [CD] Should Have Stayed In The Grave
False Witness [2008] [CD] Crestfallen King
Flametal [2007] [CD] The Elder (Japan)
Flametal [2008] [CD] Master Of The Aire (Japan)
Flaming Anger [1997] [CD] Biosphere II
Flotsam And Jetsam [1992] [CD] Cuatro (2008 remaster)
Forbidden [1990] [CD] Twisted Into Form (1998 remaster)
Forced Entry [1999] [CD] Uncertain Future + The Shore
Foreseen [1997] [CD] Prophet's Dream
Forgotten Suns [2009] [CD] Innergy
Form [1995] [CD] I Choose My Own
Forte [1994] [CD] Division
Forte [1997] [CD] Destructive
Forte [1997] [CD] Destructive (Japan)
Forte [1999] [CD] Rise Above
Fortress Under Siege [1996] [MCD] Fortress Under Siege
Fortress Under Siege [2011] [CD] The Mortal Flesh Of Love
Fracture [2010] [CD] Simple Chaos
Fragile Vastness [2002] [CD] Excerpts...
Frankenbok [2007] [CD] Murder Of Songs
Frankenbok [2008] [MCD] The Last Ditch Redemption
Freakeys [2006] [CD] Freakeys
Freehand [2001] [CD] Reneways
Frontears [1998] [CD] Dream Healer
Frontears [1999] [CD] Pull Push Power
Frontears [2002] [CD] Committer/Victim
Fueled By Fire [2007] [CD] Spread The Fire
Fury'n'Grace [2007] [CD] Tales Of The Grotesque And The Arabesque
Fury'n'Grace [2011] [CD] Diabolism Of Conversation

Gammacide [1989] [CD] Victims Of Science (2006 reissue)
Garden Wall [2004] [CD] Towards The Silence
GB Arts [1998] [CD] Return To Forever
GB Arts [2000] [CD] The Lake (2001 Russian edition)
Glacial Fear [1995] [MCD] Atlasphere: The Burning Circle
Glacial Fear [1997] [CD] Frames
Glacial Fear [2000] [CD] Fetish Parade
Glenmore [1993] [CD] Materialized
Glenmore [1994] [CD] For The Sake Of Truth
Gno [2011] [CD] Cannibal Tango
Gone [1997] [CD] Weakness Within Living Memory
Gonin-Ish [2005] [CD] Naishikyo-Sekai (2008 reissue)
Gordian Knot [1999] [CD] Gordian Knot
GracePoint [2000] [CD] Science Of Discontent
Grave Digger [2002] [3CD] The Middle Ages Trilogy (box set)
Greyhaven [2000] [CD] Greyhaven
Grip Inc. [1995] [CD] Power Of Inner Strength (Japan)
Gurd [1997] [CD] D-fect
Gurd [1997] [CD] D-fect: The Remixes
Gurd [1998] [CD] Down The Drain

H.Kristal [1997] [CD] Empty
Hades [1987] [CD] Resisting Success (2011 reissue)
Hades [1988] [CD] If At First You Don't Succeed (2011 reissue)
Hades [1991] [CD] Live On Location (2011 reissue)
Hades [1995] [CD] Exist To Resist (2010 reissue)
Hades [2000] [CD] The Downside
Haken [2010] [CD] Aquarius
Haken [2011] [CD] Visions
Hallows Eve [2005] [CD] Evil Never Dies
Hallows Eve [2006] [3CD] History Of Terror
Hallows Eve [2006] [DVD] Live Terror
Hammers Of Misfortune [2001] [CD] The Bastard
Hammers Of Misfortune [2003] [CD] The August Engine
Hammers Of Misfortune [2006] [CD] The Locust Years (2010 reissue)
Hammers Of Misfortune [2008] [2CD] Fields & Church Of Broken Glass (2010 reissue)
Hammers Of Misfortune [2011] [CD] 17th Street
Harrow [1993] [MCD] The Rising Phoenix
Harrow [1994] [CD] The Pylon Of Insanity
Harrow [1994] [CD] The Pylon Of Insanity (Japan)
Harrow [1996] [CD] Call Of The Unborn
Harrow [1998] [CD] The Rising Phoenix (special edition)
Harrow [1999] [CD] Embrace The World (Japan)
Hatchet [2008] [CD] Awaiting Evil
Headless [1998] [CD] Inside You
Headline [1997] [2CD] Escape (2000 collector edition)
Headline [1999] [MCD] Other Voices
Headstone [1998] [CD] Wings Of Eternity
Headstone Epitaph [1999] [CD] PowerGames
Heaven's Cry [1996] [CD] Food For Thought Substitute (Japan)
Heaven's Cry [2002] [CD] Primal Power Addiction
Heir Apparent [1986] [CD] Graceful Inheritance (2012 remaster)
Heir Apparent [1989] [CD] One Small Voice (2010 remaster)
Heir Apparent [1999] [CD] Triad
Heir Apparent [2010] [DVD] Live At The Riviera Club 1988
Heir Apparent [2012] [DVD] Live @ LiveTime TV 1985
Hellraiser [1990] [CD] We'll Bury You! (2007 reissue)
Hellraiser [1994] [CD] No Brain, No Pain (2007 reissue)
Hellwitch [1990] [CD] Syzygial Miscreancy (2009 reissue)
Hemisphere [2001] [CD] Mind's Door
Hemlock [1994] [CD] Exordium
Henceforth [2005] [CD] Henceforth
Hexenhaus [1990] [CD] The Edge Of Eternity
Hirax [1987] [CD] Not Dead Yet (2005 reissue)
Hirax [2004] [CD] The New Age Of Terror (2008 reissue)
Hirax [2008] [DVD] The New Age Of Terror
Hirax [2010] [CD] Noise Chaos War
Hittman [1993] [CD] Vivas Machina
Hollow [1995] [MCD] Hollow
Hollow Haze [2006] [CD] Hollow Haze
Holy Terror [1998] [2CD] Terror And Submission + Mind Wars
Horizon's End [1998] [CD] Sculpture On Ice
Hourglass [2002] [CD] The Journey Into
Hourglass [2004] [CD] Subconscious
Hourglass [2009] [2CD] Oblivious To The Obvious
House Of Spirits [1994] [CD] Turn Of The Tide
House Of Spirits [1999] [CD] Psychosphere
Hubi Meisel [2002] [MCD] Cut
Humanity [2003] [CD] When Silence Calls
Hyades [2009] [CD] The Roots Of Trash
Hyaena [1987] [CD] Metamorphosis [demo] (2007 remaster)
Hyaena [1995] [CD] Scene
Hydrotoxin [1996] [CD] Oceans

Ian Parry [1993] [CD] Symphony Of Dreams
Ian Parry [1994] [CD] Artistic Licence (1999 Japan)
Ian Parry [1995] [CD] Thru' The Looking-Glass (1999 Japan)
Ian Parry [2006] [CD] Visions
Icycore [1999] [MCD] Altered Feelings [demo] (2007 remaster)
Icycore [2004] [CD] Wetwired
Imagika [2006] [CD] My Bloodied Wings (2008 Europe)
Impactor [2009] [MCD] Prepare For Impact
Imperium [1993] [CD] Too Short A Season (1995 Japan)
Infinite Horizon [2001] [CD] Beyond Infinity
Infinite Horizon [2003] [CD] Mind Passages (2005 reissue)
Infinite Horizon [2008] [CD] Soul Reducer
Infinite Horizon [2009] [CD] Dominion
Inner Strength [1993] [CD] Shallow Reflections
Inquested [2008] [CD] The Red Chambers
Ion Vein [1999] [CD] Beyond Tomorrow
Irencros [2005] [CD] Alchemy Of Destruction (2006 Japan)
Iron Cross [2001] [CD] Iron Cross
Iron Fortress [1996] [CD] Iron Fortress
Ivanhoe [1994] [CD] Visions And Reality
Ivanhoe [1995] [CD] Symbols Of Time
Ivanhoe [1997] [CD] Polarized
Ivanhoe [1997] [CD] Polarized (Japan)
Ivanhoe [2005] [CD] Walk In Mindfields
Ivory Gates [2001] [CD] Shapes Of Memory
Ivory Gates [2005] [CD] Status Quo
Ivory Gates [2011] [CD] The Devil's Dance
Ivory Tower [2008] [CD] Subjective Enemy
Ivory Tower [2011] [CD] IV

Jackal [1990] [CD] Rise (1993 Japan)
Jackal [1993] [CD] Vague Visions
Jackal [1994] [CD] A Safe Look In Mirrors
Jag Panzer [1987] [CD] Chain Of Command (2004 remaster)
Jag Panzer [1994] [CD] Dissident Alliance
Jag Panzer [1997] [CD] The Fourth Judgement (2007 remaster)
Jester's Funeral [1998] [CD] Labyrinth
Jester's Funeral [2000] [CD] QuickSilverLight
Jester's Funeral [2003] [CD] Shifting:Skywards
Jester's March [1991] [CD] Beyond
Jester's March [1992] [CD] Acts
Jester's Tears [1996] [MCD] Reflections
Jester's Tears [2000] [CD] Illusion

Kaos [2003] [CD] Kaos Among Us
Karma [2000] [CD] Inside The Eyes
Karma [2005] [CD] Leave Now!!!
Kashmyr [1996] [CD] Kashmyr
Katagory V [2001] [CD] Present Day
Katagory V [2004] [CD] A New Breed Of Rebellion
Katagory V [2006] [CD] The Rising Anger
Kinetic Dissent [1991] [CD] I Will Fight No More Forever (2007 reissue)
Komaday [2006] [CD] Ghost And The Wiseman
Kraken [2010] [CD] Underground 1980-1983
Kraken [2010] [CD] Abandoned
Kruiz [1986] [CD] Kruiz-1 (2007 reissue)
Kruiz [1988] [CD] Kruiz (2007 reissue)
Kruiz [1989] [CD] Culture Shock ALS (2008 reissue)

Laaz Rockit [1985] [CD] No Stranger To Danger (2009 remaster)
Last Descendants [1988] [CD] One Nation Under God (2010 remaster)
Last Things, The [1993] [CD] Circles And Butterflies
Last Things, The [1993] [CD] Circles And Butterflies (2011 remaster)
Last Things, The [2011] [DVD] Blackkout Live
Last Warning [1994] [CD] From The Floor Of The Well
Last Warning [2000] [CD] Under A Spell
Last Warning [2009] [CD] Throughout Time
Lee Z [1994] [CD] Time Will Tell
Lee Z [1995] [CD] Time Line (Japan)
Lee Z [2005] [CD] Shadowland (2006 Japan)
Leprycorn [2002] [MCD] Leprycorn
Lethal [1995] [MCD] Your Favorite God
Lethal [1996] [CD] Poison Seed
Letter X [1991] [CD] Time Of The Gathering
Letter X [1992] [CD] Born Into Darkness
Letter X [1996] [CD] Reflections (Japan)
Leviathan [1992] [MCD] Leviathan
Leviathan [1994] [CD] Deepest Secrets Beneath
Leviathan [1997] [CD] Scoring The Chapters
Leviathan [2010] [CD] Resurrected: Reunion Show 2010
Leviathan [2010] [DVD] Resurrected: Reunion Show 2010
Leviathan [2010] [CD] Deepest Secrets Beneath + Leviathan EP
Leviathan [2011] [CD] At Long Last, Progress Stopped To Follow
Lie Tears [1999] [CD] A Gate For Another Life...
Life Artist [1992] [CD] A Diary Of Inner Visions
Linear Sphere [2005] [CD] Reality Dysfunction
Lion's Share [1994] [CD] Lion's Share (Japan)
Lion's Share [1995] [CD] Lion's Share (1997 reissue)
Lion's Share [1997] [CD] Two
Lion's Share [1999] [CD] Fall From Grace
Loch Vostok [2003] [CD] Dark Logic (Russian edition)
Loch Vostok [2006] [CD] Destruction Time Again
Loch Vostok [2006] [CD] Destruction Time Again (Japan)
Loch Vostok [2011] [CD] Dystopium
Longings Past [1992] [CD] Meadows Of Maseilya (2008 remaster)
Longings Past [1994] [CD] An Angel's Tale (2009 remaster)
Lord Divine [2007] [CD] ...In Disgrace
Lunacy [1991] [CD] Face No More
Lunacy [1993] [CD] Believe?
Lunacy [1997] [MCD] Grey Silence
Lunacy [2000] [MCD] Fairytales... Of A New Breed
Lunacy [2004] [CD] N.I.N.E.
Lydian Sea [2001] [CD] Lydian Sea
Lydian Sea [2005] [CD] Architect Of Humanity
Lydian Sea [2007] [CD] Portraits Of Thought
Lydian Sea [2007] [CD] Invisible Reign

Maeve Of Connacht [2001] [CD] Imaginary Tales
Maniac [2007] [CD] Fast And Deadly
Manifest [2008] [CD] Find A New Place
Manigance [1997] [CD] Signe De Vie (2003 remaster)
Manigance [2004] [CD] D'un Autre Sang (Japan)
Manitou [2006] [CD] Deadlock (Japan)
Maraya [1996] [CD] No Hope For Humanity...?
Maraya [1997] [CD] Counterculture
Marshall Law [1989] [CD] Marshall Law
Marshall Law [1991] [MCD] Power Crazy
Marshall Law [1993] [CD] Power Game (Japan)
Marshall Law [1996] [CD] Law In The Raw
Marshall Law [1997] [CD] Metal Detector (Japan)
Marshall Law [1999] [CD] Warning From History (Japan)
Marshall Law [2002] [CD] Power Crazy: The Best Of
Marshall Law [2008] [CD] Razorhead
Mas Optica [1993] [CD] Choose To See More
Matter Of Taste [1996] [CD] Chateau Obscure
Matter Of Taste [1998] [CD] Jack Of Spades
Maudlin Of The Well [1999] [CD] My Fruit PsychoBells... A Seed Combustible (2007 reissue)
Mayadome [1996] [CD] Paranormal Activity
Mayadome [1999] [CD] Near Life Experience
Mayfair [1993] [MCD] Behind...
Mayfair [1995] [CD] Die Flucht
Megace [1991] [CD] Human Errors
Megace [1999] [CD] Inner War
Mekong Delta [2007] [CD] Lurking Fear (limited edition)
Mekong Delta [2007] [DVD] Live In Frankfurt Batschkapp 1991
Mekong Delta [2010] [CD] Wanderer On The Edge Of Time
Meliah Rage [1996] [CD] Death Valley Dream (2007 reissue)
Meliah Rage [2004] [2CD] Barely Human
Mentor's Wish [1998] [CD] The Fine Thread Of Sanity
Mercury Rising [1994] [CD] Upon Deaf Ears (1997 reissue)
Mercury Rising [1998] [CD] Building Rome
Mercury Rising [2011] [CD] Under A Big Sky
Midian [2010] [2CD] Thrashology
Militia [2010] [MCD] Fiend Of Misery
Mind Masque [1997] [CD] Mind Masque
Mind Odyssey [1993] [CD] Keep It All Turning
Mind Odyssey [1995] [CD] Schizophenia (2009 reissue)
Mind Odyssey [1998] [CD] Nailed To The Shade
Mind Odyssey [1998] [CD] Nailed To The Shade (1999 Japan)
Mind Odyssey [1999] [CD] Signs (2009 reissue)
Mind's Eye [1998] [CD] Into The Unknown
Mind's Eye [2002] [2CD] A Work Of Art (limited edition)
Mindcage [2000] [MCD] Encapsulation
Mindfeed [1997] [CD] Perfect Life?
Mindfeed [1998] [CD] Ten Miles High
MindFlow [2004] [CD] Just The Two Of Us... Me And Them (2006 Russia)
MindFlow [2006] [CD] Mind Over Body
MindFlow [2008] [CD] Destructive Device
MindFlow [2010] [CD] 365
MindFlow [2011] [CD] With Bare Hands
Miscellane [2002] [CD] Painted Palm
Mister Kite [2002] [CD] All In Time
Mister Kite [2004] [CD] Box Of Fear
Moahni Moahna [1994] [CD] Temple Of Life (1998 reissue)
Moahni Moahna [1997] [CD] Why
Mononofu [2008] [MCD] Light Of Sunset Seen From Kozuki Castle
Moon Of Steel [1989] [CD] Passions (1998 reissue)
Moon Of Steel [1999] [MCD] Beyond The Edges
Moon Of Steel [2002] [CD] Insignificant Details
Moon'Doc [1996] [CD] Get Mooned (Japan)
Moon'Doc [2000] [CD] Realm Of Legends
Moonlight Circus [2000] [CD] Outskirts Of Reality
Mordancy [1993] [CD] Scars
Mordred [1991] [MCD] Falling Away
Morgana Lefay [1995] [CD] Sanctified (Japan)
Morgana Lefay [1995] [CD] Past Present Future
Moriah [2010] [2CD] Fallen Fortress
Mortifer [2002] [CD] Blind Faith
Music Station [2003] [CD] Shaping
Myrath [2011] [CD] Tales Of The Sands
Myriad [2004] [CD] Natural Elements
Mystere De Notre Dame [1996] [CD] Mystere De Notre Dame
Mystic-Force [1990] [CD] Take Command (2012 remaster)
Mystic-Force [2000] [MCD] Steps To A New Machine
Mystica [2008] [CD] Dreams In Real Forms
Mystical Warning [1999] [CD] Third Millennium
Mythologic [2003] [CD] Standing In Stillness (by edzkar)

N8 [1999] [CD] Reality ... Fate
Natural Science [2004] [CD] This Side Of Paradise
Necronomicon [1988] [CD] Escalation (2006 reissue)
Necronomicon [2008] [CD] Revenge Of The Beast (bonus CD)
Nemesis [2002] [CD] Eden?
NeWBReeD [2005] [CD] If I Were The Rain
NeWBReeD [2007] [CD] Child Of The Sun
Night Cloud [2004] [CD] Defeated By The Innocents
Nightingale [2004] [CD] Invisible
Nocturnal [2009] [CD] Violent Revenge
NovAct [2005] [CD] Tales From The Soul

Obliveon [1987] [MCD] Whimsical Uproar... [demo] (1997 remaster)
Obliveon [1990] [CD] From This Day Forward (2007 reissue)
Obliveon [1993] [CD] Nemesis (2007 reissue)
Obliveon [1996] [CD] Cybervoid (2007 reissue)
Obliveon [1999] [CD] Carnivore Mothermouth (2007 reissue)
Omega Point [1991] [MCD] Infinite Rhyme (2008 remaster)
Opposite Earth [1997] [CD] Headspace
Overlife [2001] [CD] Last Millennium?

Pan Ram [1993] [CD] Time Is Gone (1994 Japan)
Pan Ram [1996] [CD] Rats
Pantommind [2005] [CD] Shade Of Fate
Paralysis [1994] [CD] Visions
Paralysis [1996] [MCD] Wonderland
Pariah [1989] [CD] Blaze Of Obscurity (Japan)
Pariah [1998] [CD] Unity
Pathos [1997] [CD] Hoverface
Pathos [1998] [CD] Uni Versus Universe
Patriarch [1998] [MCD] Deity
Payne's Gray [1991] [MCD] Infinity (1998 reissue)
Payne's Gray [1995] [CD] Kadath Decoded
Pentagram (Mezarkabul) [1993] [CD] Trail Blazer
Pentagram (Mezarkabul) [1997] [CD] Anatolia
Persona Non Grata [2009] [CD] Shade In The Light
Persona Non Grata [2011] [CD] Quantum Leap
Pestilence [1988] [CD] Mallevs Maleficarvm (1998 reissue)
Pitiful Reign [2008] [CD] Visual Violence
Poverty's No Crime [1995] [CD] Symbiosis
Poverty's No Crime [1995] [CD] Symbiosis (Japan)
Poverty's No Crime [2001] [CD] One In A Million
Power [1995] [CD] Justice Of Fire (Japan)
Powersurge [1991] [CD] Powersurge (MCMXCI)
Praying Mantis [1981] [CD] Time Tells No Lies (1995 Japan)
Prime Time [1998] [CD] The Unknown
ProgressiveXperience [2007] [CD] X
ProgressiveXperience [2008] [CD] 21st Century Brain Damage
Project Creation [2005] [CD] Floating World
Prototype [2006] [CD] Continuum
Psychotic Waltz [2004] [2CD] A Social Grace + Mosquito (box set)
Psychotic Waltz [2004] [DVD] A Social Grace
Psychotic Waltz [2004] [3CD] Into The Everflow + Bleeding (box set)
Purged [1996] [CD] Form Of Release (1997 Japan)

Quiet Room, The [1997] [CD] Introspect
Quiet Room, The [2000] [CD] Reconceive

Raven [1997] [CD] Everything Louder
Reading Zero [1997] [CD] The Actual
Reading Zero [2000] [CD] Satellite Sessions
Realm [1988] [CD] Endless War (2006 reissue)
Realm [1990] [CD] Suiciety (2006 reissue)
Revoltons [2003] [CD] Night Visions
Revoltons [2009] [CD] Underwater Bells
Ricochet [1996] [CD] Among The Elements
Ricochet [2003] [CD] Zarah - A Teartown Story
Risk [1988] [CD] The Daily Horror News
Risk [1989] [CD] Hell's Animals
Risk [1990] [CD] Dirty SURFaces
Risk [1992] [CD] The Reborn
River Of Change [1999] [CD] Where Reality Cannot Enter (by SapoMalo)

Sacred [2004] [CD] Beyond The End Of The World
Sacred Warrior [1988] [CD] Rebellion
Sacred Warrior [1989] [CD] Master's Command
Sacred Warrior [1990] [CD] Wicked Generation
Sacred Warrior [1991] [CD] Obsessions
Sadist [1997] [CD] Crust (2007 reissue)
Sagittarius [1995] [CD] Sanity Of Madness
Sagittarius [1997] [MCD] Jole's Joke
Sahara [1996] [CD] Self Ego (1997 Japan)
Salvation Front [1996] [CD] Trying To Stay Real
Sanvoisen [1994] [CD] Exotic Ways
Sanvoisen [1997] [CD] Soul Seasons (Japan)
Scariot [2001] [CD] Tongueless God
Scariot [2003] [CD] Strange To Numbers
Scariot [2003] [CD] Strange To Numbers (Japan)
Scariot [2007] [CD] Momentum Shift
Scavenger [1985] [CD] Battlefields (1994 reissue)
Scenario [2001] [CD] A Fearful Symmetry
Scenes [2005] [CD] Call Us At The Number You Provide
Scholomance [1998] [CD] A Treatise On Love
Scholomance [2002] [2CD] The Immortality Murder
Sea Of Dreams [1996] [CD] Dawn Of Time
Sea Of Dreams [1998] [CD] Land Of Flames
Secret Silence [1996] [CD] Escape From Reality
Secret Silence [1998] [CD] Return
Seelenwinter [1995] [CD] Seelenwinter
Seelenwinter [1996] [CD] If Soul Turns Into Flesh
Seer's Tear [1998] [CD] Precious
Seventhsign [1996] [CD] Perpetual Destiny
Shah [1992] [CD] Terror Collection
Shah [1994] [CD] P.S.I.H.O.
Shattered Dream, A [2009] [CD] 4-D Society & Other Nocturnal Emissions
Shoggoth [1998] [CD] Combination
Sieges Even [1997] [CD] Uneven (2007 remaster)
Silent Lucidity [1996] [CD] Positive As Sound
Silent Memorial [1999] [CD] Cosmic Handball (2009 remaster)
Simple Aggression [1996] [CD] Gravity
Sore Plexus [1997] [MCD] Visual Agnosia
Sore Plexus [1999] [CD] HaPTePHObiC
Soul Cages [1994] [CD] Soul Cages
Soul Cages [1996] [CD] Moments
Soul Cages [1999] [CD] Craft
Soul Takers [2005] [CD] Tides
Soul Takers [2007] [CD] Flies In A Jar
Sound Of Silence [2003] [CD] Spiritual Journey
Spheric Universe Experience [2005] [CD] Mental Torments (2006 USA)
Spheric Universe Experience [2007] [CD] Anima
Spheric Universe Experience [2009] [CD] Unreal
Stigmata [1998] [CD] Solum Mente Infirmis...
Stigmata IV [1998] [CD] The Court Of Eternity
Stonehenge [2001] [CD] Angelo Salutante
Stonehenge [2005] [MCD] Nerine
Stride [2005] [CD] Imagine
Stygma IV [2005] [CD] Rotting Corpses
Sunblaze [1997] [MCD] Illuminating Heights
Sundance [1998] [CD] Bleed The Sun (by edzkar)
Superior [2004] [2CD] Ultra - Live
Symmetry [1997] [MCD] To Divinity
Symmetry [2000] [CD] Watching The Unseen
Symmetry [2004] [CD] A Soul's Roadmap
Symphorce [1999] [CD] Truth To Promises
Symphorce [2000] [CD] Sinctuary
Symphorce [2004] [CD] Twice Second (limited edition)
Syrinx [2000] [CD] Crystal Cliffs
Syris [1995] [CD] Syris
Syris [1998] [CD] Unseen Forces (1999 USA)

T.A.O. [2006] [CD] The Abnormal Observations (by edzkar)
Tad Morose [1993] [CD] Leaving The Past Behind
Tad Morose [1995] [CD] Sender Of Thoughts
Tad Morose [1995] [MCD] Paradigma
Talamasca [1998] [CD] Projection
Talamasca [2002] [CD] Ascension
Taramis [1988] [CD] Queen Of Thieves (2009 remaster)
Taramis [2009] [DVD] Queen Of Thieves
Taramis [1991] [CD] Stretch Of The Imagination (2009 remaster)
Target [2009] [2CD] Mission Executed + Master Project Genesis
Temblor [2006] [CD] Thousand Hearts
Temple 8 [2003] [CD] Enter The Temple
This Haven [2008] [CD] Today A Whisper, Tomorrow A Storm
ThoughtSphere [1998] [CD] Eden's Shore
ThoughtSphere [2000] [CD] Vague Horizons
Time Machine [1993] [MCD] Project: Time Scanning
Time Machine [1997] [MCD] Shades Of Time
Titan Force [1989] [CD] Titan Force (2006 reissue)
Titan Force [1991] [CD] Winner / Loser (2006 reissue)
TNT [1989] [CD] Intuition (Japan)
To-Mera [2008] [CD] Delusions
Tonka [2000] [CD] ...This Present Darkness... (2002 reissue)
Tourniquet [1990] [CD] Stop The Bleeding
Tourniquet [1990] [CD] Stop The Bleeding (2001 remaster)
Tourniquet [1991] [CD] Psycho Surgery
Tourniquet [1991] [CD] Psychosurgery (2001 remaster)
Tourniquet [1992] [CD] Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance
Tourniquet [1992] [CD] Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance (2001 remaster)
Tourniquet [1993] [MCD] Intense Live Series Vol.2
Tourniquet [1994] [CD] Vanishing Lessons
Tourniquet [1994] [CD] Vanishing Lessons (2004 remaster)
Tourniquet [1995] [MCD] Carry The Wounded
Tourniquet [1996] [CD] The Collected Works Of Tourniquet
Tourniquet [1997] [CD] Crawl To China
Tourniquet [1997] [CD] Crawl To China (2009 remaster)
Tourniquet [1998] [CD] Acoustic Archives
Tourniquet [2000] [CD] Microscopic View Of A Telescopic Realm
Toxic Holocaust [2005] [CD] Hell On Earth
Toxik [1987] [CD] World Circus (2007 reissue)
Toxik [1989] [CD] Think This (2007 reissue)
Tragedy Divine [1996] [CD] Visions Of Power
Treasure Land [1997] [CD] Questions (Japan)
Treasure Land [1998] [CD] Gateway
Trick Of Light [1996] [CD] Neverlander (by SapoMalo)
Trivial Act [1997] [CD] Mindscape (Japan)
Tunnelvision [2000] [CD] While The World Awaits
Tunnelvision [2002] [CD] Tomorrow
Twisted Into Form [2006] [CD] Then Comes Affliction To Awaken The Dreamer
Tyran' Pace [1998] [CD] Take A Seat In The High Row

United States Of Mind [2000] [CD] Silver Step Child
Unleashed Power [1999] [MCD] Absorbed
Ureas [2006] [CD] The Naked Truth
Urto [2009] [CD] Upside Down

V.A. [1995] [2CD] A Gathering... Of 8 Norwegian Prog. Metal Bands
V.A. [1999] [CD] Through Different Eyes: A Tribute To Fates Warning
V.A. [1999] [2CD] Voices: A Tribute To Dream Theater
V.A. [2000] [CD] Rebellion: A Tribute To Queensryche
V.A. [2000] [CD] Return Of The Mountain King: A Tribute To Savatage
V.A. [2000] [CD] Warning: Minds Of Raging Empires... A Tribute To Queensryche
Valkyria [2005] [CD] Mystical Mass
Valley's Eve [1997] [CD] Prodigia
Vanden Plas [1994] [CD] Colour Temple (1995 Japan)
Vanden Plas [2000] [CD] Spirit Of Live
Vauxdvihl [1998] [MCD] Vog
Vauxdvihl [2001] [MCD] Siberian Church Recordings
Vektor [2009] [CD] Black Future
Vernissage [1998] [CD] Intensiv
Versital [1997] [CD] Versital
Versital [1999] [CD] A New Millennium
Vigilance [1996] [CD] Behind The Mask
Vigilance [1997] [CD] Secrecy
Vigilante [1999] [CD] Edge Of Time
Vindicator [2008] [CD] There Will Be Blood
Virgin Snatch [2006] [CD] In The Name Of Blood
Virgin Snatch [2008] [CD] Act Of Grace
Virgin Steele [2000] [MCD] Magick Fire Music

Wardog [1996] [CD] Scorched Earth
Wardog [1999] [CD] A Sound Beating
Wastefall [2003] [CD] Fallen Stars And Rising Scars
Wastefall [2004] [2CD] Soulrain 21
Wayd [2007] [CD] Ghostwalk
Wicked Maraya [1994] [CD] Cycles
Without Warning [1993] [CD] Making Time (2003 reissue)
Without Warning [1995] [CD] Believe (2003 reissue)
Wolf Spider [1990] [CD] Kingdom Of Paranoia (2009 remaster)
Wolf Spider [1991] [CD] Hue Of Evil (2009 remaster)
Wolf Spider [1991] [CD] Drifting In The Sullen Sea (2009 remaster)
Wolverine [1999] [MCD] Fervent Dream
Wolverine [1999] [MCD] Fervent Dream (2001 reissue)
Wolverine [2001] [CD] The Window Purpose (2005 reissue)
World Of Silence [1996] [CD] Window Of Heaven
World Of Silence [1998] [CD] Mindscapes
Wormfood [2005] [CD] France (by edzkar)
Wuthering Heights [1999] [CD] Within
Wuthering Heights [2004] [CD] Far From The Madding Crowd (USA)
Wuthering Heights [2006] [2CD] The Shadow Cabinet (USA)
Wyzards [1997] [CD] The Final Catastrophe

X Factor X [1997] [CD] X Factor X
X-Piral [2005] [CD] Poison Eyes
X-Wild [1994] [CD] So What!
Xerxes [1993] [CD] Beyond My Imagination (by SapoMalo)

Yearning [2007] [CD] Merging Into Landscapes
Yosh [1996] [CD] Metaphors

Zaxas [1995] [CD] Zaxas
Zero Hour [2008] [CD] Dark Deceiver
Zykes Cross [1996] [CD] Altered States

попытаюсь собрать тут ссылки на всех своих лосей (плюс несколько релизов от друзей, которые я постил за них) :umnik:

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